This repository will introduce how to develope Golang based application with Quectel QuecOpen modules which support Linux based SDK: LTE modules (EC21-E, EC25-E, ... ), Automotive modules (AG35-E, AG35-NA, ... ), 5G modules (RG500Q, ... ).

Repo is maintained at

The code base is tested with EC25-E SDK# EC25EFAR06A01M4G_OPCU_01.001.06, however it should works with other modules too as they mostly share the same API.

Note: This repo does not cover basic QuecOpen development guide, pls refer to the getting started manual.

Why develop GoLang based application

For example, user wants to create MQTT client application, below is the normal approach:

  1. Check SDK if there is any MQTT like libmosquitto, ... As this is missing, user need to find a way to install missing pacakges: header/libs for development and libs into rootfs
  2. Create normal C application which use headers/libs from the generated libs

Above process becomes more complicated once package requires more dependencies or existing dependencies do not meet package rquirements, ...

With Golang based approach, customer can create great application as:

  • Can take advantage of many Golang packages to build application without worrying about addition libs, runtime environment, ... as application is a single binary file
  • Can call C based libs to use Quectel API to mange network, simcard, ...
  • Easy to maintain in the future
  • ...

MQTT-Client info

We can use Public HiveMQ MQTT broker to test:

TCP Port: 1883

MQTT Topic

Let's say once device is on, it will register itself to the topic "/QuecOpen/register" and listen to the topic "/QuecOpen/action" to do action.

We can use mqttfx to listen to topic:


Application development can be done in PC and cross compile to target ARM Linux, for example with mqtt-client

push dist/mqtt-client-linux-arm /usrdata

Execute application inside QuecOpen modules:

adb shell
cd /usrdata
chmod a+x mqtt-client-linux-arm


root@mdm9607-perf:/usrdata# ./mqtt-client-linux-arm
Received message on topic:  /QuecOpen/action  with payload:  Hello World
Received message on topic:  /QuecOpen/action  with payload:  Hello World

PS: Module data-call need to be executed so the mqtt-client can reach out to the broker.